KEIN Transmission Mount for Toyota GT86, Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S

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New at RisingTuning, KEIN Transmission Mount kit for Toyota GT86, Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S.
KEIN's stiffer transmission support damping bushings reduce or completely eliminate transmission vibrations - this ensures proper and reliable operation between the engine and transmission at high engine speeds, providing more precise shifting.
Also, the modified support allows more power to be transmitted to the drive shafts, due to the tighter connection of the transmission support to the subframe, so more power is transmitted to the drive shafts at any position of the entire powertrain, even more effect can be achieved with KEIN engine mounts for Subaru.
More accurate launches during drag racing and autocross type events with reduced drivetrain slop.
Compared to the original transmission support, the design of the reinforced support does not allow the transmission to rise relative to the subframe.

• Increases steering response
• More precise gear shifting
• Prevents transmission movement throughout the entire RPM range.
• Greater sense of vehicle control

Item content:

KEIN reinforced transmission mount kit for Subaru BRZ, Toyota GT86, Scion FR-S - 1pc.
• X2 Quality molded high density silent blocks (inserted in the support)

Hardness bushings:

Shore a hardness 65A (International Standard ISO 868)

• Material: Steel K02001/ K02502
• Welding Procedure: MIG
• Surface finish: Professionally powder-coated.
• Hardware metric grade 8.8-12.9 zinc

Weight: 0.95kg.

The stiffer silent blocks and stiffer construction result in precise shifting and an overall improvement in vehicle dynamics.
There may be a slight increase in interior noise and vibration.

Replaces original transmission mount (OEM part numbers):
• 41020CA000

For example, machines such as:

Short, All: Scion FR-S 2012-2016, Subaru BRZ 2012-2021, Toyota GT86 2012-2021


USA & World
Scion FR-S, 1st Gen, Coupe, 01.2012 - 12.2016, Body: ZN6, ZC6


Europe & World
Toyota GT 86, 1st Gen, Coupe, 09.2012 - 07.2016, Body: ZN6
Toyota GT 86, 1st Gen Facelift, Coupe, 08.2016 - 01.2019, Body: ZN6

Japan & World
Toyota GT 86, 1st Gen, Coupe, 04.2012 - 07.2016, Body: ZN6, FRSPORT
Toyota GT 86, 1st Gen Facelift, Coupe, 08.2016 - 07.2021, Body: ZN6

USA & World
Toyota GT 86, 1st Gen, Coupe, 08.2016 - 04.2021, Body: ZN6


Japan & World
Subaru BRZ, 1st Gen, Coupe, 03.2012 - 07.2016, Body: ZC6
Subaru BRZ, 1st Gen Facelift, Coupe, 08.2016 - 08.2020, Body: ZC6

Europe & World
Subaru BRZ, 1st Gen Facelift, Coupe, 08.2016 - 10.2021, Body: ZC6, Z10

USA & World
Subaru BRZ, 1st Gen Facelift, Coupe, 08.2016 - 10.2021, Body: ZC6, Z10

KEIN division has its own engineering department and are our direct partners, the RisingTuning team. All products created by KEIN are modeled in CAD where the factory drawings of the suspension are used to create the part, thus achieving maximum accuracy in measurements when creating the part. Before the prototype all stresses and loads are measured in simulation in order to identify the most reliable and correct design solutions taking into account the steel grade and the upcoming not only direct loads but also the natural environment - the correct alloy, steel thickness and its additives are selected to give the required properties to the product. After identifying the best solutions a prototype is created which undergoes physical tests and only after successful tests the finished serial products are created.

  • Scion
    • FR-S
      • I 2012-2016 (ZN6/ZC6)
  • Subaru
    • BRZ
      • I 2012-2020 (ZC6)
  • Toyota
    • GT-86
      • I 2011-2021 (ZN6)


Product rating KEIN Transmission Mount for Toyota GT86, Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S

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