KEIN Blast Plates for 5 Spd Manual Transmission Subaru WRX | 752 754 757

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New at RisingTuning, the Reinforcement Brace/Blast Plates for Subaru 5 Speed transmission.
KEIN BlastPlates are made of heavy-duty steel (5.5mm thick!), precision welded and black polymer powder coated. 
Also, the bend on one of the plates eliminates the contact of the plates with the body of your Subaru.
By bolting these plates onto the outside around the gear set the stiffness of the case is increased, improving gear mesh tolerances under shock loading and high torque situations.

Item content:

Reinforcement Brace Kit (Blast Plate) for Subaru 5 Speed Transmission:
• X2 Reinforced plates with stiffening ribs
• X2 M8 Studs
• X2 M10 Studs
• X4 M8 Nuts
• X4 M10 Nuts

Tightening torque:
M10 60-65nm
M8 28-32nm

• Material: Steel
• Thickness: 5.5mm
• Welding Procedure: MIG
• Surface finish: Professionally powder-coated.
• Hardware metric grade 8.8-12.9 zinc

Weight: 3.1kg.

KEIN BlastPlates are bolted through the existing mounting locations of the two transmission halves (you will have to either lower or remove the transmission to install them).

• BlastPlates are a perfect upgrade for any 5 speed manual transmission, from stock horsepower levels to Stage 2 and Stage 3 levels.
There is no hp or TQ limit, however this product will allow ANY gearset to achieve maximum power (or much more) due to proper tooth engagement under extremely high load and torque. 
• The plates increase the torsional rigidity of the manual transmission housing, which contributes to the stable position of the gears in the pairs of engagement.
• Significantly extends 3rd gear life.

Due to the extended stud length, the plates are unified to fit all 5-speed manual transmissions: 752, 754, 757.

For example, machines such as:
2002-2014 Subaru WRX (5-speed transmission)
2005-2012 Subaru Legacy GT (5-speed transmission)
2005-2009 Subaru Outback XT (5-speed transmission)
2004-2008 Subaru Forester XT (5-speed transmission)

KEIN division has its own engineering department and are our direct partners, the RisingTuning team. All products created by KEIN are modeled in CAD where the factory drawings of the suspension are used to create the part, thus achieving maximum accuracy in measurements when creating the part. Before the prototype all stresses and loads are measured in simulation in order to identify the most reliable and correct design solutions taking into account the steel grade and the upcoming not only direct loads but also the natural environment - the correct alloy, steel thickness and its additives are selected to give the required properties to the product. After identifying the best solutions a prototype is created which undergoes physical tests and only after successful tests the finished serial products are created.

  • Subaru
    • Alcyone
      • II 1991-1997 (CX)
    • Baja
      • I 2002-2006 (BT/B12)
    • Forester
      • I 1996-2002 (SF)
      • II 2005-2008 (SG)
    • Impreza / WRX STi
      • II 2000-2002 (GD, GG, GDB) bugeye
      • II 2003-2005 (GD, GG, GDB) blobeye
      • II 2005-2007 (GD, GG, GDB) eagle eye
      • III 2007-2014 (GH, GE, GRB)
    • Legacy / Liberty
      • III 1998-2003 (BHE, BH9)
      • IV 2003-2006 (BP,BL)
      • IV 2006-2009 (BP,BL)
      • V 2009-2015 (BR/BM)

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