TRD style front lip fangs for F-Sport bumper Lexus GS L10 | GS250 GS350 GS450h

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Item content:
• TRD style front lip pads for F-Sport bumper Lexus GS L10 (GS250, GS350, GS450h) - 2 pcs. (Left & Right)
Only for F-Sport front bumper, before restyling.

Features of this product:
• Made of high-quality Fiberglass
• Surface finish: unpainted mat
• Material thickness 4 mm
• This front fangs can be fastened with automotive black glass sealant & bolts
• The product is unpainted. Therefore can have small scratches. Use without coating or painting is not provided
• Bolt-on fitment, just paint and install
• We do not offer work to painting car parts to export.

Installation is simple, you need to prepare the parts for painting and paint them, wait until they are completely dry before installing.
You can install these fangs on the front bumper with the help of bolts with bolt connections that can create a painter, or on a black car glue sealant.
If you wish, you can also use sealing tape, which could act as a shock absorber for a tighter connection between the two different materials.


And as in our store are the TRD fangs (pads) for side skirts Lexus GS250, GS350, GS450h

This fangs is compatible with this cars:


Europe / World:
Lexus GS250 (L10), 4 Generation, Sedan, Years: 12.2011 - 10.2015, Body: GRL11

Japan / World:
Lexus GS250 (L10), 4 Generation, Sedan, Years: 01.2012 - 10.2015, Body: GRL11


Japan / World:
Lexus GS350 (L10), 4 Generation, Sedan, Years: 01.2012 - 10.2015, Body: GRL10, GRL15

USA / World:
Lexus GS350 (L10), 4 Generation, Sedan, Years: 08.2011 - 01.2015, Body: GRL10, GRL15


Europe / World:
Lexus GS450h (L10), 4 Generation, Sedan / Hybrid, Years: 12.2011 - 10.2015, Body: GWL10

USA / World:
Lexus GS450h (L10), 4 Generation, Sedan / Hybrid, Years: 12.2011 - 09.2015, Body: GWL10

Japan / World:
Lexus GS450h (L10), 4 Generation, Sedan / Hybrid, Years: 03.2012 - 10.2015, Body: GWL10

*Very important! Fit only for the F-SPORT bumper version before the restyling (2011-2015). Photo in the gallery

Years: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Material of this fangs: 
The fangs for front bumper is made of quality fiberglass and the most expensive epoxy resins that are designed to create tuning parts. We use only the best matrixes that are created by real professionals who are engaged in the creation of parts for more than a decade.
The fangs has a base gray primer and is ready for painting.

  • Lexus
    • GS
      • IV 2012-2020 (L10)

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Product rating TRD style front lip fangs for F-Sport bumper Lexus GS L10 | GS250 GS350 GS450h

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