TORBIK fenders flares set for Volkswagen Amarok 1 | 2H | 2010–2020

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Item Content:
TORBIK fenders flares set for Volkswagen Amarok 2H:
• The set consists of X4 arch extensions for front and rear fenders (right and left sides).
• Fasteners required for installation are included
• Black Rubber sealing T-seal - included in the kit

Technical Features:
• The width of each arch extender is 90mm / 3.55 inches
• Total body extension (full-face) 180mm / 7.10 inches

Functionality of TORBIK wheel arch extenders:
• Protects the car bodywork from damage.
• Prevents contamination of body surfaces of side mirrors and windows.
• Increases rigidity of car body elements.
• Hides traces of repair, modification of wings and wheel arches.

• The base is linear low density polyethylene (LLPDE).
The composition also contains patented additives that provide: elasticity, UV and chemical resistance.

Сompatible with this cars:

• Volkswagen Amarok [2H], 1st Gen, Pickup, 07.2010 - 07.2022, Body: 2H, 2HA, 2HB

Years: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Compatibility notes:

The set was designed and modeled for VW Amarok with double cab,
at this time we do not know if it will be 100% compatible on single cab body.

Material Features:
LLDPE is stronger than ABS plastic and has a number of advantages over it: its main feature is its super strength, high density, which makes it more resistant to abrasion.
Less susceptible to external influences, both physical and natural.
Due to its structure, it is more resistant to scratches and retains its original appearance for a longer period of time, as well as much less fading in the sun.

About the manufacturer:
We are pleased to present TORBIK products in our RisingTuning store, their design vision and approach to creating arch extensions is truly inspiring. The design starts with a scan of the car model and the entire design development is done with 3D modeling - thus ensuring maximum compatibility of the products with the car. After that, the design of the products is created. The dies themselves are created on a 5-axis HAAS, and then finalized by a craftsman by hand. No waves and imperfections on the product inherent only in garage production!
In the creation of products are used only high-quality materials that are produced under the control of TORBIK, the company involves a large staff of people from professionals: from masters of bodywork to 3D-designers. We recommend!

  • Volkswagen
    • Amarok
      • I 2010-2020 (2H)

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Product rating TORBIK fenders flares set for Volkswagen Amarok 1 | 2H | 2010–2020

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